Rainforest wildlife tour Port Douglas Daintree Australia.

Port Douglas Daintree Rainforest wildlife Australia safari tour

Australian female white-lipped green tree frog with overly optimistic male Leseur's Frog.


Cairns - Port Douglas - Daintree Rainforest - Outback Australia
the David Armbrust wildlife safari 

Australian Natural History Safari is a Port Douglas based, four-wheel drive, rainforest and outback tour.

This Port Douglas tour is owned and operated by local naturalists and wildlife enthusiasts David & Diane Armbrust. 

Our highly personalised excursions are limited to a maximum sized group of four to provide you with a quality experience observing the wildlife of the wet tropical Daintree rainforest and the outback of Northern Australia.

We provide only one tour per day with a choice of a full day rainforest and outback safari or a half day rainforest tour. On both tours morning tea with the wildlife is provided in our bush shelter hidden in the rainforest.

Red-legged Pademelons are commonoly seen at Thylogale Nature Refuge.
Red-legged Pademelon and joey

David Armbrust & Mikael Gorbachev at Thylogale Nature Refuge 30th July 2006.
David Armbrust with Mikael Gorbachev 
at Thylogale

We utilize our own rainforest property in the mountains to the west of Port Douglas (1.5 hours north of Cairns) to provide you with an unforgettable wildlife experience.

The day begins here with a slow morning walk through our private rainforest where normally shy and timid marsupials and birds emerge from their natural rainforest habitat to greet us. 

If you have chosen to experience our full day safari you will continue on from Thylogale to enjoy an excellent lunch in the montane wilderness. 

Lunch is held at the confluence of two streams in the secluded rainforest of the World Heritage listed Mount Lewis National Park.

The Musky-rat Kangaroo is commonly encountered on tour.
Musky Rat-kangaroo

Windmill Creek - our afternoon tea spot.
Outback stream

The afternoon on this Port Douglas full day tour is a total contrast in both eco-systems and wildlife. 

As the day cools we come down out of the mountains and travel further west to provide you with a glimpse at the vastness of the dry eucalypt forest of the Australian outback.

Our tour vehicle is a discreet, comfortable and well appointed Toyota Landcruiser GXL four wheel drive.

For your comfort and safety it has been modified from a 7 passenger down to a 4 passenger. It is well suited for venturing off the beaten track into areas not visited by mainstream tourism. 

Please note: On this day there is no opportunity to shop for souvenirs etc. 

Our tour vehicle is a very comfortable late model Toyoto Landcruiser
Your tour vehicle is a GXL Landcruiser

By taking only four clients per tour we maximize your wildlife encounters and guarantee you a  private and personal day.

For those with limited time the morning section of the full day safari provides a highly enjoyable half day rainforest & wildlife experience.

Highlights of the day:

  • Private morning walk in the rainforest with wildlife

  • Morning tea in the rainforest surrounded by marsupials and birds

  • Lunch in the secluded coolness of the mountains

  • Afternoon in Outback Australia

  • Maps, binoculars & reference books provided

  • Maximum tour group size of four

Download PDF Brochure (1.77 mb)

Full day safari:  AUD$280 per person 
  Half day tour:  AUD$180 per person 

Prices effective from 01/04/12 to 31/03/14


On this highly memorable day.
You will travel through a variety of tropical ecosystems.
You will marvel at the immense bio-diversity.
You will enjoy the natural beauty and
You will observe the wildlife.

We are the Cairns, Port Douglas tour specialists in providing small group, wildlife orientated, 
eco tours into the Daintree rainforest and outback of Far North Queensland, Australia. 
Experience the Daintree Rainforest with David Armbrust.

This is a Port Douglas Tour with a difference.

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All photography, video & sound recordings 
by David & Diane Armbrust

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