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Boyd's Forest Dragon
Hypsilurus boydii

Boyd's Forest Dragon, Hypsilurus boydii

A handsome, diurnal, arboreal lizard confined to areas of tropical rainforest. The Boyd's  Forest Dragon operates at ambient temperature and does not generally thermo regulate. However when females are producing eggs they will often lay in the sun to speed up the process. 

Primarily an insect eater they will on occasion eat ripe fruit. Often seen feasting on the "flying ants" when they emerge from the termite mounds in the early summer with the first storms.

Most commonly seen sitting motionless, vertically on the trunks of small trees waiting for prey to appear on which they then pounce with amazing speed.

Snout - vent 150 mm. Tail about 200% of snout - vent length.

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Photographed at Thylogale
by David & Diane Armbrust


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